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For Children and Young People aged 0-25 in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire

When you are not feeling yourself, it’s sometimes difficult to open up to your family, friends or teachers. Some people find it easier to open up to someone who is not so close than to a loved one.

One-to-one counselling is a type of talking therapy where you can speak to a counsellor about your feelings, thoughts and behaviours without feeling judged or criticised.

Your counsellor will ensure you have a safe and comfortable space to talk and explore your feelings. Then you will work together to find ways to make you feel better at a pace that is comfortable to you.

You will always see the same counsellor during these sessions, so you don’t have to repeat your story to different people when you need support.

Personalised Mental Health Support

When you contact Be U Notts for the first time, one of our counsellors with talk to you about your situation and how you feel.

Then you and your counsellor will decide whether one-to-one counselling is for you, or if other types of support are better suited to your needs.

During a one-to-one counselling session you will be able to explain your story, in your own words.

Your counsellor will listen and help you understand the root of your thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

They will also will help you discover your strengths and how to apply them to overcome any difficulties you may encounter.

Free One-to-One Counselling for Children and Young People - Be U Notts

You will work together finding ways to reach your goals, at a pace that is comfortable to you, with no pressure

Your key worker will not tell you what to do. Instead, you will work together finding ways to reach your goals, at a pace that is comfortable to you, with no pressure.

You may be given some guided self-help, which is advice on coping strategies you can try by yourself to help you manage your mood and feel better, or your counsellor may invite you to join one of our group therapy sessions.

Why Talking is Important

Previous experiences and life events can affect how you think, feel, behave and relate to others, even if you are not aware of it.

Sharing your feelings can help you understand why you are sad, angry or overwhelmed, so then it’s easier to find ways to cope with the problems that have been bothering you for a while.

Talking to others without being judged is relieving, because you can get things off your chest while feeling supported, understood and less lonely.

Talking about your feelings doesn’t mean you are weak! It’s a brave decision and a sign that you are trying your best to stay healthy and happy.

If you are not feeling yourself...

Talking about your feelings often helps. If you need to talk to someone, we are here to listen.

If you’re aged 12+, fill in a Referral Form

Get online support from Kooth
*Our Help Line is available Mon-Fri 9AM-5PM. Please leave a message outside these times, and one of our friendly staff will contact you as soon as possible
If you are a parent, carer or professional working with children and young people, you can also fill in a Referral Form for a child or a teenager
If you think a child or teenager is at immediate risk of harm or is not safe, please contact urgent help services as soon as possible

Not ready to talk yet?

Asking for help isn’t always easy, and it can take time… If you are not ready to talk, you might still benefit from finding out more about how you feel.

NottAlone is a great website with loads of local mental health information and tips for young people in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire. 

Find information, advice and where to go to get help locally if you need mental health and emotional wellbeing support, all in one place!