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We provide Early Mental Health Support so you can get Advice and Help when you need it

Getting Advice, Getting Help

Be U is delivered in line with the Thrive Model, which means we focus on services that facilitate people ‘Getting Advice’ and ‘Getting Help’ support.

These services are FREE of charge, and include the following interventions:

When children and young people, and their parent or carers are in need of ‘Getting More Help’ or ‘Getting Risk Support’, our team will signpost or refer them to alternative support services.

Through a system of seamless pathways, users with ‘Getting More Help’ needs will be connected to local mental health and wellbeing specialist providers.

When children or young people are going through a mental health crisis, are self-harming or the there is risk of suicide, their ‘Getting Risk Support’ needs will be addressed by signposting or referring them to urgent mental health support services.